Your virtual release assistant

The no-setup, open-source platform that makes your deployment pipeline more transparent by ensuring everybody on your team is on the same page. DashboardHub does this by gathering the most relevant, up-to-date information, like what version is on what stage and build/deployment durations

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No setup

Get up and running immediately. No need to register, use your GitHub login.

Open Source on GitHub

Completely open and transparent, community driven. You drive the features you want. View the code in our repo - we welcome all contributions!

Pipeline Overview

See your environment pipeline and releases on a single screen.

Made with Love

We eat our own dogfood.

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Simple monitoring

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Scheduled releases / deployments

Schedule releases / deployments to notify your community.


Get notified when releasing / deploying and when completed.

How it works: your user journey

  • Create Your Environment

    All we need is your domain/sub-domain! We cater for Build Only, Deploy Only and Build & Deploy environments

  • Create monitors to ping your domains

    On the overview page of the environment you have just created, you can create monitors (which send pings to your domains/sub-domains to ensure they're still up and running). You'll be notified at once if pings are unsuccessful

  • Beacon Build/Deploy Data

    Once you've finished a build or a deploy, in order to send (i.e. "beacon") that data to DashboardHub, simply fill out a short form, or use a curl command. Voila!

  • Track your environments

    Pretty graphs galore at DashboardHub to track everything from information about your releases, versions and ping history!

Team DashboardHub

Eddie Jaoude


Andrew Cunliffe


Csenge Pal

Marketing Intern

Theo Kefala

Software Engineer

Tanya Powell


Culture: what's it like at DashboardHub?

"DashboardHub has adopted a startup culture that promotes inclusivity and flexibility for those involved. A key aspect in making this a successful culture is the adoption of Open Source development in harmony with Remote Working. All of the team at DashboardHub are treated as equals and trusted to perform their tasks autonomously knowing they have the full support of the company's founders."

Andrew Cunliffe, Consultant

"Transparency, trust and inclusion are all vital to our team’s success."

Eddie Jaoude, Founder

"If you want a truly great team and company culture give people direction and support but ultimately let them get on with it in their own way; DashboardHub gets this balance just right."