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Your Delivery Pipeline overview in One Place. If you are delivering a platform or a library, know exactly WHAT, WHEN and WHERE are being built and deployed, by reporting back to your Pipeline Dashboard (currently in Alpha) on DashboardHub.

From dev to test to prod and everything in between

Reduce the confusion by making your deployment pipeline more transparent

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Pipeline Overview

See your environment pipeline and releases on a single screen.

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We eat our own dogfood.


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Simple monitoring

Simple Monitoring for your Environment.

Scheduled releases / deployments

Schedule releases / deployments to notify your community.


Get notified when releasing / deploying and when completed.

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Technologies powering DashboardHub

  • Is it really free? Yes, it is really free for Public Repositories
  • How long is my data stored for? We endeavour to keep data as long as possible, however we do not guarantee any data
  • Where can I raise questions and ideas? All internal and external discussions and work are tracked in the issue section on Github
  • What setup is required for a Dashboard? No setup required! Just log in with Github