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User feedback is very important, it allows projects to Pivot

There are so many projects out there that do not make it easy for users to contribute feedback on their experience and thoughts of the Application (AKA App). Yes I used the word contribute, in the Open Source world most people think of contributing as code, I believe a contribution can be anything, from constructive feedback, improving documentation, logging a bug and of course the favourite a Pull Request that contains code. Basically I am saying that your community is bigger than you think, it includes your user base and you should make it easy for them to contribute. I discussed contributing in more detail in a previous blog post.

This is where comes in!

From their website:

Use our Javascript, iOS, and Android SDKs to set up Doorbell in your application. Or use the API if you want to build your own client.

You can send feedback to Doorbell from anywhere, just forward the emails from your "support" or "help" addresses to the one that Doorbell gives you.

I was able to add User Feedback to our website easily in minutes. If I was to compare it, it is just as easy as adding Google Analytics to your website. Yes that easy.

Once integrated, it looks great as well. Here is the Feedback button: Feedback Button

When clicked, the feedback form appears as a sleek overlay: Feedback Button

They have Open Sourced some of their work, hopefully more to follow GitHub

Feedback is so important because it can not only give you new ideas for features but also let you know if your project is going in the right direction or if you need to Pivot. We all know there is no point building a feature if no one will use it, that costs time and money.


We all love integrations, has many too:

You have the option to send any feedback you receive straight to your Project Management System or Issue Tracker with just a couple of clicks. We’ve integrated Doorbell with the most popular ones: Pivotal Tracker, Trello, GitHub, BitBucket,, Asana, Jira, Basecamp, Visual Studio Online, GitLab, FogBugz, Highrise, DoneDone, Lighthouse, RallyDev, Breeze, Redmine, and TargetProcess.

Go check out their website now for more information!

Next step for us

Add to all our applications and get more Feedback!

Thanks Team!! Great work.

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