Great Open Source tools that DashboardHub uses

We use a lot of tools and we want to say 'Thank You'

Here at DashboardHub we use a lot of Open Source or free tools and libraries! That's why we not only contribute back to these tools in various ways (ways to support Open Source tools), but also give our Applications & Tools back to the community as Open Source.

Lets break this down into sections (which we'll try to update as we use more cool stuff):


Our team works fully remotely, therefore communications and collaboration are key! These tools are vital to DashboardHub:

Static Code (blog, website etc)

Not all websites need to be written in PHP or Java etc. Static informational websites (eg. blogs) are best suited to keeping things simple. Jekyll and GitHub pages are perfect for this. Write pages in Markdown and host on GitHub - continuous delivery for free.

Services we use

There is no point reinventing the wheel. We could host our own Git repo, manage emails, build user feedback etc, but there is no point as the following people do a much better job than we ever could.

Our Micro Services and the things we use to build them

The DashboardHub architecture is split into micro services, this allows for high flexibility and scalability.





DevOPs (a current buzz word, I am still waiting for DevTestOps or DevTest to take off)


The technologies listed above is what we use at the moment, however, this will no doubt change, as new technologies appear and we discover others or our requirements change. We would like to Thank them in the great work they are doing. Hopefully one day DashboardHub will be on your list.

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